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Racing Marshal Flags

Racing Marshal Flags
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Racing Marshal Flags

At Midland Flags we can supply all 11 of the Racing Flags used within FIA Events. These flags are often used to convey messages to the drivers, indicating that there are hazards ahead or sometimes instructing drivers to perform certain actions on the track. Although there is no universal system for the messages behind each racing flag, all FIA Events use those below as standard. FIA championship flags being the most commonly used internationally outside of North America, as they include Formula 1 and WTCC.

The black and white checkered flag that we sell is probably the most widely known flag used in racing and is seen as a symbol in racing, with many people who are not racing fans or enthusiasts who know that this flag is tied to racing. The black and white checkered flag is usually used as a race is ending and is swung when the first person crosses the finishing line. The red and yellow striped flag is also well known for racing as it is the flag used when there is an obstruction, hazard or spill on a race track.

Using the list below, you can easily see which message each racing flag conveys. We sell each flag individually, and also have a racing flag pack for sale which includes one of each of the eleven flags. Should you need any more information, or would like to order over the phone please call 01782 337030 (lines open 9.00 to 17.00). Buy your racing flags today from the UK's largest online flag shop, Midland Flags.

FIA-sanctioned championships    
Plain Green Racing Flag

Start of race / Restart / End of hazard / Safe racing conditions / Race Winner

Plain Yellow Racing Flag Local caution, Full-course caution (if displayed with "SC" sign)    
Yellow and Red Striped Racing Flag Debris, Fluid, or Oil on track    
Plain Red Racing Flag Session stopped    
Plain White Racing Flag

Slow vehicle on track

White With Red Cross Racing Flag

Final Lap, (pickup truck and SCSA oval races only)

Plain Black Racing Flag Return to pits, (i.e., disqualification)    
Black with Orange Circle Racing Flag Return to the pits to service a mechanical problem    
Black and White Unsportsmanlike Conduct Flag Unsportsmanlike conduct    
Black and White Checkered Racing Flag Session Finished / Winner