World Organisations Flags online flag store and retailer are a top supplier for anybody looking to find Internationally recognized organisational flags and buntings. Being the UK's top flag retailer we supply many different designs for large organisations known all around the world. 

You can buy flags from us for organiastions that were set up to provide safety and an alliance between countries, such as the European Union (EU) or Council of Europe (CoE) flags that use the well known blue background with 12 golden stars design. You can also buy North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) Flags too that also uses a blue background and a compass for its design. There is a United Nations (UN) flag for sale with the iconic image of the world map with two olive branches, the Commonwealth of Nations flag uses a golden globe with spears around the outside to form the letter C. The final organisation that fits into this category is the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament flag which uses the widely used 'Peace symbol' that is used by many people for different reasons, but generally is used as a sign of peace

We also sell some flags for non-for profit independant organisations looking to make a positive impact on the planet and the people living on it. One of these organisations is the Green Cross that faces problems going on around the world and tries to stop; poverty, problems with security and safety of humans as well as environmental issues, this organisation's flag uses a green cross on a white background. Another similiar organisation is the Red Cross which provides help to people in poverty, people in need of first aid or victims of natural disasters, this organisation's flag uses a red cross on a white background.

There are flags for organisations that are known internationally that have many members ranging from children to adults, these organisations provide teaching on survival techniques and other outdoor activities. One of these is the Scouts which we sell a couple of different flag designs for, including the purple Scouts flag and the blue Scouts flag. The Scouts flag that we sell uses a fleur-de-lis with a rope around it tied with a reef knot. Another similiar organisation is the Girl Guides who uses a flag with a blue background as well as using white and gold for the rest of the design, included is a golden trefoil in the top left corner.

Some miscellaneous International Organisational flags include the Pan-African flag used by people of African decent who want to create a unity between all people of African decent around the world. We also sell several differn multi-nation flags with varying amount of national flags put together as one design. Some of these flags have 70, 25 and 27 different national flags put together onto one flag that you can buy, which also includes the anmes of each nation underneath. So if you're looking for great quality international flags, then Midland Flags is the best place for you to buy from with a huge selection and amazing materials, as well as our FREE UK delivery.