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Jersey Flags

Jersey Flags
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Jersey Flags

Here we have for sale our Jersey flags, perfect for any resident of Jersey. The flag of Jersey uses the commonly seen red saltire design that is similiar to St Patrick's Cross however it also has the badge of Jersey at the top of the design with the yellow Plantagenet crown which was added to the design for Queen Elizabeth II's silver Jubilee. Besides the Jersey flag with this design there are also other products available to buy such as the; Jersey bunting, Jersey hand flags and Jersey table flags. As well as a special triangular Jersey flag.

Jersey flags are great for hanging up at your home and in your garden to show that you're proud of the British Isle that you live on. Jersey products such as the bunting, hand and table flags are excellent for putting up and using at local events and fairs to show how everyone who lives on Jersey is united and proud of their island.

Buy your Jersey flags today from the UK's largest online flag shop, Midland Flags.