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Union Jack Table Flags

Union Jack Table Flags
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Union Jack Table Flags

For sale are our popular Union Jack table flags. Show your patriotism for your country by purchasing an Union Jack table flag and displaying it for everyone to see. We sell the standard Union Jack flag design on a satin table flag, small flag with wooden stand and on our plastic table flag. You can also buy the Union Jack with crest table flag as another option or to show your respect for the royal family, which it represents. The final Union Jack table flag that you can buy is the Union Jack with smiley face table which has the standard Union Jack but with a yellow smiley face on top.

The Union Jack table flags can be used for many different reasons, however they are mostly used to show your patriotism and love for Great Britain. If there's an upcoming national event then you can wave your Union Jack hand flag then with your friends or family if you're having a party to celebrate. Use it at local events and fairs to wave with your neighbours and other local people where you can all show your love for this great nation. Show your support for your nation's sports teams by waving an Union Jack hand flag at home or at the pub when watching the games with other fans. Or wave them when you're watching the game live at the stadium, surrounded by other fans who want to show their loyalty to their country by making it known which team they're supporting as well as which country they're from.  

Buy your Union Jack table flags today from the UK's largest online flag shop, Midland Flags.