Flags with Plastic Poles

Midland Flags stock a variety of 6" x 4" (15 x 10cm) table flags ranging from several themes so you can find many different designs.

One of the themes are the World country table flags where you should be able to find a table flag for any country that you can think of, so buy yours and show which country you're proud to be from. There is also British table flags which includes British Historical table flags and British Nations table flags. You can browse through a large selection British county table flags to find your county's design, with a few old and new designs for certain counties. There are military table flags with a huge selection of British Military table flags for sale as well as other military table flags including designs from Germany, USA, Japan and Australia. On offer are a few categories that specialise in regional table flags for different countries, some countries include; Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Australia and the USA. Besides just table flags for the regions in these countries there are a few other designs mixed in including some military and historical table flags. The US table flags include table flags for all of America's states so you can show which one you're proud to be from.

There are celebrational table flags for national events, special days and holidays. And finally there is a miscellaneous table flags category with table flags for many themes, included themes are; religion, racing/sporting, smoking/rasta, regions, celebrations, pirates, plain colours, smiley faces and a lot more.

Our flags are printed on 100% woven polyester in clear, bold colours and come attached by a sleeve to a 10" (27cm) black plastic pole with a gold tip. Our bases are sold seperately. See our table flag bases category for details and prices on black and gold stylish bases capable of holding up to 5 flags. 





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