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Welsh Flags

Welsh Flags
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Welsh Flags

The flag of Wales, adopted in 1959, features two equal-sized horizontal bands of the colours white and green, defaced with the official symbol of Wales; the red dragon passant.

Although part of the United Kingdom, all predecessors of the current Welsh national flag never influenced the design of the Union Jack; unlike those of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the flag stands alone soley as the national flag of Wales. Show that you're proud to be Welsh by buying your own Wales flag and flying it at your home. Welsh flags are brilliant for patriotic Welsh people who love their country and want to show their independance as a nation.

For sale is a huge array of Welsh flags ranging from Welsh flags, Welsh bunting, Welsh table flags, Welsh hand waving flags and more Welsh flag products for you to buy. As well as the standard Wales flag design in red, white and green we also sell a Welsh flag using a red and black colour scheme. You can order these Wales flags online or on the phone by calling 01782 337030 (Lines open weekdays 9:00am to 5:00pm).

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