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Irish County Flags

Irish County Flags
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Irish County Flags

For sale are all of our Irish county flags, we sell a flag for every county of Ireland so no matter which Irish county you live in you can find a flag that uses your county's colours and design. Buy a flag of the Irish county that you're from and fly it high to show everyone else that you're proud of the Irish county you live in. Irish county flags are perfect for you to fly from home or at your business to show that you're proud to be a local company. Ireland county flags are also ideal for being flown at local and county events or fairs.

The majority of our Irish county flags use simple designs with two colours with one on each side, split vertically. Most of these designs use one colour on one side and white on the other however some use a similiar design but with two colours, one replacing the white. Another design seen on some of the Irish county flags is the flag split into three stripes horizontally with different colours for each stripe. Midland Flags stock all Ireland County Flags available for you to buy today, but do you know which flag represents the county you're looking for? Here is our small guide to show the flag for each of Ireland's counties:

 Antrim Flag  Armagh Flag
 Carlow Flag  Cavan Flag & Laois Flag
 Clare Flag, Roscommon Flag, Tipperary Flag & Wicklow Flag  Cork Flag, Londonderry Flag & Louth Flag                     
 Donegal Flag, Kerry Flag, Leitrim Flag& Meath Flag  Down Flag
 Dublin  Fermanagh Flag & Limerick Flag
 Galway Flag & Westmeath Flag  Kilkenny Flag
 Mayo Flag  Offaly Flag,
 Sligo Flag,   Tyrone Flag, 
 Waterford Flag,  Wexford Flag,