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This miscellaneous military flag category has designs for sale for many different militaries around the world. There are other categories for military bunting and flags that have quite a few designs for each category that is based around a certain country. A lot of the misc military designs are World War related but some are older designs, as well as some being from newer military related events.

There are multiple designs available for the Japan Rising Sun flag where there is the standard version available, a version with text on top and other different colour variations. We have several Russian military flags and other products for sale including the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) flags, Russian Imperial flags and Russian Navy flags. Many Irish military related flags are for sale too such Easter Rising Irish Republic flags, Easter Proclamation flags as well as other Irish military flags. A few Australian military flags with most of them being different ensigns such as the Australian Navy Ensign flags, Australian RAF Ensign flags and Australian Red Ensign flags. Besides some groups of misc military flags there are also other random military related flags, a few being; Celtic Cross flags, Syrian Rebel flags and more individual designs. These misc military designs are available to buy now on flags, bunting, hand and table flags.

Perfect for any collectors, vexillology enthusiasts or as a military gift for him or her. These misc military flags make great military gifts for military collectors for smaller countries. Looking for military gift ideas? Personalised military gifts are also for sale as we can add text and change the design, such as the; logo, crest, badge or insignia. Also, if you wish to buy a premium quality Misc military Flag and would like to add anything or change any part of the design, email us at and let us know what you would like to added or edited as we can print ANY & EVERY FLAG you wish.

Check out our other military flag categories for more specific groups of military products to choose from. Purchase your misc military flags today from the UK's largest online flag shop, Midland Flags.