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Wales Table Flags

Wales Table Flags
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Wales Table Flags

For sale are our range of Welsh table flags. We are selling several Wales table flags that you can choose from, with more than one Welsh design and different product materials. We sell the standard Welsh flag design with the red dragon and green and white stripes  printed onto our table flags as this is the design that you will mostly see being used by Welsh people and on anything official as it is the national design. There is also a colour variant of this table flag with a completely black background with a red dragon on top that you can also buy.

Pick up yourself a Wales table flag to show that you're proud to be Welsh for all to see, whether you display it at home or at work. You can also Buy Welsh table flags to put up when there's international sports tournaments on, have a party to celebrate and decorate your tables with some of these table flags to show how much you support Wales' sports team. They can also be used for showing your patriotism during Welsh national events.

Buy your own Wales table flags today from the UK's largest online flag shop, Midland Flags.