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Ireland Buntings

Ireland Buntings
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Ireland Buntings

Ireland's national flag design is world renowned using its classic orange, green and white colour scheme. This design is used by many people, even thoughs that do not live in Ireland or were not born there. Many people outside of Ireland such as residents of the United States of America have an Irish background with their ancestors migrating from Ireland to America when it was colonised. Many of these people are proud to have had Irish relatives and are proud to call themselves part Irish and they still celebrate this by hanging up Irish bunting during Irish national holidays and events. There are many people who live in Ireland and have done their whole lives who are very patriotic about being Irish and are proud to display this with Irish bunting during national occassions, such as St Patrick's Day. 

We have for sale are a couple of Irish tricolour buntings. The Irish buntings in this category all use Ireland's national flag, containing the tricolour design. One Irish bunting has the Irish national flag turned 90 degrees clockwise so the design of the flag is now vertical like standard bunting. The other design we sell uses Ireland's flag but horizontally this time on triangular pieces on the line. Show your pride in being Irish by buying an Irish bunting and displaying it for all to see, great for any national event where other Irish men and women are showing their pride.

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