British County Buntings

Look above for a large selection of bunting that covers every county in Britain. Every county in England, Wales and Scotland as well as the British Isles has their design available to buy on bunting of various sizes. These British county buntings come in sizes of 3, 9 and sometimes 18.25 metre lengths so that you can pick out the number and size of the lengths that you need to fit around a certain area. Depending on the British county's bunting you are looking for, some will have more designs available than others, this is determined by the popularity/population of the county and if that British county has recently changed their county's flag design. If the county has recently changed it's design then we will likely offer the old and new designs for sale. Show which British county you're from and where you're proud to live by buying and displaying your own British county bunting. British county bunting is also great for decorating county fairs and halls and stalls where there are local events taking place.

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