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St Patrick's Day Flags

St Patrick's Day Flags
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St Patrick's Day Flags

With St Patrick's Day being a large worldwide holiday we've made sure to sell a good variety of stock for people to look through to find the designs that they like best. Look at our selection of St. Patrick's Day flags and other products so you can buy the decorations that you need for this years St Patrick's Day.

For sale are a range of Saint Patrick's Day flags, St Patrick's Day bunting, St Patrick's Day hand and table flags. Many of the designs on offer include the phrase 'Happy St. Patrick's Day!' and similiar variations as well as other themes and images. Some of the common themes and images on our St. Patrick's Day flags include; beer, shamrocks, golden coins, green Irish hats and leprechauns. Beer is popular on St Patrick's Day items as many pubs have parties and a lot of people celebrate by going there and drinking. Shamrocks (clovers) are known as a national symbol of Ireland and it is it's national plant as well as it being tied to St Patrick teaching the Irish pagans about the trinity, with each leaf on the shamrock. Leprachauns are a symbol of Ireland and the mythical creature is associated with Ireland by a lot of people and the golden coins are linked to Ireland because of the story about the Leprachaun's pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Black and green are the most common colours used in these St Patricks Day flags, green is the iconic colour that is associated with St. Patrick's Day because it is the colour of the shamrock and the clothes that the leprechaun wears.

Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day by decorating your house for when you have your friends over for a party and the same for pubs who are looking to celebrate with all the people enjoying St Patrick's Day. Check out our other Irish items and purchase your St Patrick's Day flags to show that you're celebrating too. Buy Saint Patrick's Day flags from the UK's largest online flag shop, Midland Flags.