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German Flags
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German Flags

The flag of Germany known as Bundesflagge, although used during periods of the 19th century was readopted in 1949 as the national flag of both East and West Germany after the fall of the Third Reich. The German flags remained the same until 1959 when East Germany changed theirs to include the coat of arms. After the reunification of Germany in 1990 the tricolour has since then been the flag of a reunified Germany. With a tricolour design, constructed of the three national colours red, black and gold, the German National Flag is widely known across the globe as a powerful flag that reassembles such a strong country. The colours on the German national flag are used to symbolise the uniforms of the soldiers who fought for their country in the Napoleonic wars. 

Here at Midland Flags the online flag retailer, we aim to keep the beauty of this flag at its best by using only the best materials available and printing it on only the most vibrant colours available. We have for sale several different Germany flags including the national flag with and without a crest. We sell several flag products without the crest to give the current German national flag, we also have some German flags with the old crest design. Besides these designs there are also German state flags which we have a large range of, for you to choose from. Buy a German state flag to show which state you're proud to be from, especially when there are state events on. Show your support for your country's sports teams during international sporting tournaments too by buying and flying a German flag.

Midland Flags sell a huge array of German flags ranging from the national flag of Germany to German state flags. You can buy flags of Germany online or order over the phone on 01782 337030 (Lines open 9:00am to 5:00pm).