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Transgender Flags

Transgender Flags
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Transgender Flags

The New Transgender flag that is the most common flag design used by transgender people today was originally created in 1999 in America and was first used in a pride parade. The flag design has 5 colour stripes with the two outside stripes being a light blue colour, the next two inner stripes are light pink and the center stripe being white. The blue is used as a traditional colour for baby boys and the pink is used as a traditional colour for baby girls. The white stripe has a few different meanings, it can represent people who are transitioning from one gender to another, people who consider them selves gender neutral or being intersex. The flag is designed to be symetrical vertically and horizontally so that it can not be flown the wrong way.

If you're transgendered and proud of it then you can buy a transgender flag or other product so you can demonstrate your pride to others. As well as having transgender flags for sale we also sell buntings, table and hand flags with the transgender design printed on. Most of the transgender flag products that we sell use the new, popular transgender flag design but we also sell a flag with the old design on too for people who prefer that design or have used it for longer and wish to continue to use it. Buy your transgender flags to show your pride in who you are or to show support for those who identify as being transgendered. You can fly your trans flag at home so everyone else around can see that you're proud to be transgender, the flag can also be used as a banner for holding up at festivals and LGBT pride events.

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