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Smoking/Rasta Flags

Smoking/Rasta Flags
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Smoking/Rasta Flags

Many people around the world listen to reggae music and will have reggae themed flags flying at home or up as decorations in their home and bedroom. Bob Marley is likely the most popular reggae figure that people think of, even non-reggae fans know who Bob Marley is therefor a lot of reggae flags will use his name or face as part of the design. Tieing into reggae is the rasta theme as many of the people who are iconic for making reggae music are also Rastafarians, this means that a lot of the reggae flags will use colours and designs that are linked to Rastafari. Another theme that is linked to Rastafarianism is ganja as it is smoked by rastas as part of a reasoning session ritual where they say a prayer first and then smoke the marijuana to be able to think more clearly.

Buy your weed and rasta related flags here, there are many different designs available to choose from. In this category there are flags, bunting, hand and table flags for sale. The majority of these flags are cannabis, reggae and rasta related. There are many different designs to choose from for each theme, for example there are several Bob Marley flags that you can browse through with several designs on offer such as the Bob Marley One Love flag and the Bob Marley Jamaican flag, among other Bob Marley flag designs. The same for flags with the popular rasta colour scheme of red, yellow, green and black. The main theme that is found on most of these designs is the marijuana leaf and related phrases and designs about support for cannabis use and legalisation. Celebrate 4/20 this year by purchasing one of our cannabis flags and displaying it today.

Buy your smoking and rasta/Bob Marley flags now and check out more of the designs on offer. Purchase these pot and reggae flags today from the UK's largest online flag shop, Midland Flags.