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Scottish Flags

Scottish Flags
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Scottish Flags

The St Andrew's Cross, also known as the Saltire was adopted as the national flag of Scotland in the 16th century. You can buy the St Andrews flag, which features a white diagonal cross going from corner to corner on a blue background, typically an azure (light blue) or navy blue colour. It is said that the Scottish flag represents the patron saint of Scotland, Saint Andrew, who was crucified on an X-shaped cross. Buy your Scottish flags for Saint Andrew's Day on the 30th November.

In April 1606 after James I united the crowns of England, Scotland and Ireland in a single union, the Scottish Saltire along with the Saint George Cross, were used as components in the design of a new flag for the Kingdom of Great Britain, and thus the first edition of the Union Jack was created.

Shop your own St Andrew's flag and fly it at home to show everyone else that you're a proud Scotsman. These St Andrews flags are great for anyone who lives in Scotland and wants to celebrate Scottish national events. You can also fly your St Andrews flag to show your support for your national teams when they're competing agaisnt other nations in large sports competitions.

For sale is a large selection of flags from Scotland products, such as; St Andrews flags, Scottish bunting, Scotland hand and table flags as well as Saint Andrew's windsocks, car flags and more. Midland Flags sell a huge variety of Scottish flags, bunting and sport merchandise in the colours navy blue and light blue (azure). You can buy small or large St Andrew Flags online or order over the phone on 01782 337030 (Lines open weekdays 9:00am to 5:00pm).