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English Flags
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English Flags

The flag of England, known as the St George Cross, features a white background with a red cross in the centre going from top to bottom and left to right. The flags use is traced as far back as the Middle Ages and was also used as a component for the design of the Union Jack in 1606.

Whilst the flag was never officially adopted as the national flag of England, it has always been associated as the symbol of English identity due to its wide use in national affairs and sporting events such as football.

If you're reading this from the United Kingdom, then you've seen this historical flag flown in sports, hanging from windows, and waving from garden flag poles. Besides selling the standard St George flag we also sell a St George Charger flag design too.

Now it's your turn to display your English patriotism to the world and fly an English flag where you please with pride. England flags are commonly flown during international sports tournaments by English people who are proud to show their support for their nation's side. Also during other national events and holidays the St George flag will be used by many people all around England and it is used at parades to show English pride.

You can buy an English flag online or order over the phone on 01782 337030 (Available Weekdays (9:00am to 5:00pm).