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Checkered/Striped Flags

Checkered/Striped Flags
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Checkered/Striped Flags

There are several checkered and striped flags that are used in racing and other sports, by marshalls, referees and other people who monitor a sports game or race. The black and white checkered flag and the red and yellow striped flags are very common flags that are used in sporting. Besides these commonly known sporting flags there are also other checkered and striped flags that are used in many different sports. There are colour variants of both styles that are used in sporting and other activities. Just because checkered and striped flags are used in sporting doesn't mean that they can only be used for this purpose, because of their simple design you can use them for any reason that you want, such as decorating them and adding your own design on top.

For sale is a huge range of checkered and striped flags, we sell many colour combinations on our chequered and striped racing flags with most colour combinations being black and another colour or white and another colour but there are exceptions. Some of our most popular checkered and striped flags include; the black and white checkered flag, blue and yellow checkered flag, navy blue and white checkered flag, red and yellow striped flag as well as many other colour combinations, there's bound to be the chequered or striped sporting flag that you are after.

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