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Plain Colour Bunting

Plain Colour Bunting
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Plain Colour Bunting

Planning a fair or public event for your community and need that one extra thing to catch people's eyes? Then Midland Flags is the best place for you, with our great range of plain colour buntings for sale. These plain buntings are commonly used at county events because of the simple design that allows people organising these events to choose buntings that use the colours that are iconic with the county.

With all of our plain colour buntings being sold at the best prices available, we can guarantee that these are exactly what you need. With colours such as we sell bunting that only uses the same colour on each flag such as; the plain black bunting, plain blue bunting, plain green bunting, plain orange bunting, plain pink bunting, plain purple bunting, plain red bunting, plain white bunting and plain yellow bunting. There are also other buntings that only use plain colours but have alternating colour flags, such as the red and white, blue and white, blue and yellow, black and yellow and many more, you won't need to worry about people not turning up, as these will make any event look family friendly. Still not right for the occasion then take a look at our range of triangle buntings for sale.

So why not take a look at our great range today with all plain buntings available to buy online right now. For those who wish to buy their order over the phone simply ring 01782 337030 now with lines open 9:20am-5:00pm.