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Checkered Hand Flags

Checkered Hand Flags
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Checkered Hand Flags

These amazing Checkered/Chequered Hand Waving flags are exactly what any body looking at going; music festivals, celebrations, fairs, street parades and maybe even sports matches and races needs.

Made from knitted polyester material and printed using the most vibrant colours, all of our Check hand flags come attached to a white sleeve allowing you to remove, wash and replace the flags just incase and a wooden pole varying between 24 inch to 12 inch, depending on the size of flag, with a white ball top so your flag won't come flying off the top next time you're waving it proudly. For those racing fans, we know just how much you are going to love these amazing Black and White checkered Hand waving Flags for your next race day, be the one your best driver spots when he crosses the line in first place. Besides the well known black and white checkered hand flag we also sell other colour combinations, many of which are a colour with white, some of the other colours available with white are; black, blue, green, navy blue and red. Other chequered hand flags are two colours without white, like the; blue and yellow, claret and sky blue hand flags.

With all our Checkered/Chequered Hand Waving Flags for sale online or over the phone on 01782 337030, you can enjoy our free UK delivery option and get your flags delivered to you just in time for the next big day.