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D-Day Flags 80th Anniversary

D-Day Flags 80th Anniversary

At Midland Flags, we are proud to say that as a result of the sales of our Remembrance flags, we have raised thousands of pounds for various charities including the Royal British Legion since 2014. Our D-Day 80th Anniversary and Normandy collection not only commemorates this pivotal moment in history but also supports our ongoing commitment to charity.

All sales of our D-Day 80th Anniversary, Remembrance Day, and Armed Forces Day flags include a contribution towards these regular donations, ensuring that your purchase helps honor the bravery and sacrifice of those who fought in Normandy and throughout World War II.

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D-Day Flags 80th Anniversary

Welcome to the premier collection of D-Day 80th Anniversary Flags and Normandy Commemorative Bunting.

June 6th marks the historic D-Day landings, an event we honor by bringing together communities, veterans, and families to remember the sacrifices made for freedom. Midland Flags is your go-to destination for D-Day 80th Anniversary flags, offering an extensive range of Normandy commemorative flags, bunting, and decorations perfect for any commemoration event.

Our exclusive D-Day and Normandy collection features high-quality flags and bunting, designed to pay tribute to the heroes of World War II. Whether for parades, educational purposes, or personal remembrance, our products ensure your commemorative needs are met with the utmost respect and quality. From beach landing scenes to iconic military insignias, find the perfect symbol of valor and sacrifice at Midland Flags.

For history enthusiasts and collectors, our range includes unique items like the Lord Kitchener flag and other World War II memorabilia. These carefully crafted products serve as a poignant reminder of history's significant events, making them ideal gifts and collectibles for those wishing to honor the past.

Crafted from durable materials, our D-Day Anniversary and Normandy flags stand as a testament to the quality and dedication behind our brand. Celebrate history, educate the next generation, and pay homage to the bravery and sacrifice of the Allied Forces with Midland Flags.

Planning to attend or organize a D-Day commemoration? Enhance the solemnity and respect of the occasion with our range of D-Day 80th Anniversary flags, available with options for hand-held, garden, and large-scale display. Discover the perfect flag to express your gratitude and remembrance for those who fought and fell during the Normandy landings.

Midland Flags is the leading provider of D-Day 80th Anniversary and World War II commemorative flags in the UK. Whether you're a collector, educator, veteran, or simply wish to honor the memory of the fallen, our collection offers unparalleled quality and selection. Contact us at for personalized options or to find the perfect flag for your commemoration.

Shop our extensive range of D-Day 80th Anniversary and Normandy commemorative flags today at Midland Flags, the UK's largest online flag shop.