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Checkered Bunting

Checkered Bunting
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Checkered Bunting

Is one plain colour not good enough for your event or fair? You need something more people will notice and know just how great your event truly is. You can also show that you're a racing fan by buying and hanging up your own checkered bunting.

Here at one of the UK's largest flag retailers, we stock a huge collection of buntings and these great quality Checkered Bunting is exactly what you need to add the finishing touches to your special event no matter the occasion. Holding up to 30 amazing quality flags on some of the best tape available, you won't need to worry about any string snapping or getting cut as this tape is made to last. With our Black and White Checkered Bunting perfect for the racing events on a small and large scale it will go perfectly with one of our amazing Racing flags, followed by three more choices of colours from red and white checkered Bunting, Blue and White checkered Bunting and Green and white checkered Bunting, Blue and Yellow checkered bunting, you can count on these to liven up your fair. 

With the ability to buy Checkered Bunting Online today or over the phone on 01782 337030, we keep our reputation of being one of the largest Flag Retailers in the UK.