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Rainbow Buntings
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Rainbow Buntings

The rainbow design is well known around the world and to a lot of people has no specific meaning but is just used as a peaceful symbol or used in schools. Besides being seen as a positive symbol for general use it is also a very commonly used design by LGBT people to show that they are not heterosexual and that they are some other sexuality. The rainbow design is used by people at pride events and marches, you can buy some rainbow bunting to hang up around your home because you're proud of being a part of the LGBT or you can use it at events to make it clear what the event is for as many people see the rainbow design as being linked to LGBT people.

For sale are several designs of our rainbow bunting. We sell a standard vertical rainbow bunting as well as a similar bunting with a rainbow smiley face design. Another design called the Rainbow Swirl bunting uses many colours swirling around a peace sign, there is also another design similar to this called the Rainbow Love bunting that instead of having a peace sign or the colourful stripes uses multi-coloured love hearts. These rainbow buntings are mostly used for peaceful events and to show acceptance, usually used by the LGBT community to show their pride for who they are and are used by people to show their support for these people.

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