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Smoking/Rasta Buntings

Smoking/Rasta Buntings
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Smoking/Rasta Buntings

Show that you're a reggae fan and an even bigger Bob Marley fan by buying some bunting with a design with his face on as well as the Jamaican design. Hang up your Bob Marley bunting during parties or reggae events/festivals. Besides these buntings there are also cannabis themed bunting that use the pot leaf with different backgrounds, one using the Rastafarian associated colours; red, green, black and gold. Some also have text written on them such as 'Marijuana' and 'Freedom'.

For sale are a range of smoking/rasta buntings. These buntings have common themes on them such as; Smoking, Reggae, Rastafarianism, Bob Marley, Jamaica and Cannabis. A lot of these weed buntings use colour schemes including red, yellow/gold, green and black which would fit in to a reggae themed bedroom or home. These novelty buntings are great for Bob Marley and reggae fans as well as fans of the Rasta culture. Celebrate 4/20 this year in style by hanging up your own Marijuana buntings for your party with your friends.

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