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World Organisations Buntings

World Organisations Buntings
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World Organisations Buntings

There are many organisations that are known around the world that operate in a lot of countries and a few organisations that are specific to certain areas. A couple of organisations that are set up to protect groups of countries have bunting with their design on, available to buy now. One of these organisations is the European Union (EU) which is set up to create a union between many of the European countries so that they can create laws and a free trading market for every country in the group. The European Union bunting has the well known blue background with the 12 golden stars design. Another similiar organsiation is The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) which includes other countries and has the blue and white compass design on our bunting.

There is bunting for sale for some large organisations that are set up to teach children survival skills, such as The Girl Guides which we sell bunting for with the trefoil design as well as the two different Scouts bunting designs with the blue and purple colour options with the fleur de lis and reef knot design.

For sale are a few different designs for international organisations on our bunting. Our world organisations buntings are available in 3 metre and 9 metre lengths. Buy some bunting for the international organisation that you're a part of and proud to be in. Buy your world organisations bunting today from the UK's largest online flag shop, Midland Flags.