Advertising Flags

At Midland Flags we offer Feather Flags, Beach Flags and teardrop flags for advertising in various designs, shapes and sizes.


You can buy feather flags from our range of available designs, some of which we offer from stock. We can also make custom feather flags for advertising by altering one of our templates, or using your uploaded artwork. If you require a quote for feather flags of a bespoke design, please feel free to contact us


Feather flags are a great means of advertising for any business, and are an ideal way to attract attention of passers by. At Midland Flags we offer feather flags for a multitude of businesses ranging from flags for car dealers, car washes, and repair shops all the way to smaller retail premises like barber shops, restaurants and tanning shops. We have hundreds of feather and beach flag designs ready to go, and will happily take suggestions for new designs as we aim to offer the largest selection possible for those without the time to make their own artwork.