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Australia Flags

Australia Flags
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Australia Flags

Buy Australia Flags from the UK's largest flag shop online. Being one of the world's most popular designs, 10th according to, The Australian flag's design is a defaced blue ensign flag featuring the Union Jack in the canton and the Commonwealth star in the bottom left corner, or lower hoist according to vexiologists. In the fly there are 5 stars, 4 are seven pointed stars and 1 is a five pointed star, all aligned in the southern cross star constellation.

Being a flag that almost the entire world will recognise, this flag deserves to be one of the best. Here at Midland Flags we stock only the best quality Australian flags in the UK, made from knitted polyester material and using the most vibrant blue and red inks. No matter how high you fly this flag, anybody who lays eyes on it will see that you respect this great nation by flying such a great flag. For anybody looking to decorate their home in support of a sporting event, on the national flag day (3rd September) or on Australia Day, then we have a huge range of Australian bunting, Australian hand wavers, Australian table flags and even Australian windsocks. Or for those after a more heavy duty flag, our Durable Australian Nylon Flags are exactly what you need. Also don't forget to check out our huge range of other Australian Flags such as the Boxing Kangaroo Flag, Australian Navy flag and many more.

So show your respect for one of the most beautiful country's in the world and buy Australian flags for sale today either online or over the phone on 01782 337030.