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Mexico Flags

Mexico Flags
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Mexico Flags

The Mexican Flag has been used since 1821 when it was first designed, but was not official adopted to be the national flag until 1968. The Mexican flag features a verticle tricolour of green, white and red, defaced with the nation's coat of arms in the center of the white band. The country's coat of arms deciphers a golden eagle holding a serpent in its beak and talon as it stands on a cactus with its other talon. The colours, to some people, are seen tio have religion, independence and union but others see them in other ways such as; Green for the territory such as the resources, mountains and rivers; White for the people, ethnicity, believes, mixture and purty; and finally Red standing for the struggles for remaining the national independence and freedom.

Midland Flags, holding one of the UK's largest selection of flag designs, Mexican flags for sale from large to small sizes but also selling them as part of our amazing product range such as Mexico Buntings, Mexico Table Flags and for sporting events or national holidays, our Mexican hand waving flags are perfect for these occasions. Printed using the most vibrant inks available to deliver top quality colours for all of our Mexico Flags, that we have for sale, made from the knitted polyester these flags will last longer than those in a supermarket.

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