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United States Flags

United States Flags
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United States Flags

The Flag of the United States of America, also known as 'Old Glory', 'Stars and Stripes' and 'The Star Spangled Banner', was adopted in 1960 and features thirteen equal horizontal red and white bands which represents the British colonies that declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. The upper left canton is a blue rectangle which is defaced with fifty white five-pointed stars that represent the number of states in the USA. The US flag design has been modified 26 times since the original flag in 1777 and mainly consisted of adding more stars to the canton and revising the layout of the stars them selves, never have the stripes been changed or re-designed. 

Being one of the world's most recognized flags and flown by some of the most patriotic people, the american flag deserves to be kept at its respected quality, so Midland-Flags online flag store aim to do exactly that. With all our American Flags that you can buy we have made sure that they are made from the best possible material and printed using only the best inks available, so your stars and stripes stand out more than anybody else's. We have for sale an extensive range of American Buntings, American Table Flags and American Hand wavers as well as American flags. You can be sure that Midland-Flags is here to prepare you for any event, for those looking for better ways to show your patriotism, be sure to take a look at our great American Windsocks and for those after a longer lasting flag try our Premium Quality US flags out for size.

Fly your own USA flag at your home to show that you're a proud American. USA flags are great for businesses who want to show that they're proud to operate and employ people in the US. Or simply use your USA flag in anyway that you want to show your patriotism, these flags are great for parades, national and sporting events and more.

With all of our amazing American Flags for Sale online or over the phone on 01782 337030, you can count on us to deliver your american flags as quick as possible. Buy only the best USA flags from the UK's largest online flag shop, Midland Flags.