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Pembrokeshire Flags

Pembrokeshire Flags
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Pembrokeshire Flags

Pembrokeshire county flag for sale online from Midland flags. Buy your Pembroke county 5ft x 3ft flag and table flag today for free delivery in the UK.

The flag of Pembrokeshire is the flag of the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire. The flag was designed in the 1970s after the abolition of Pembrokeshire County Council and registered by the Flag Institute in 1988. It was dedicated as the official flag of Pembrokeshire, at Pembroke Castle at a ceremony on 28 July 1988. The Pembrokeshire Flag is based on the flag of St David. (The saint's birthplace, the city of St David's, is in Pembrokeshire.) The blue is considered to be reminiscent of the sea, and the yellow of summer sunshine. The central rose represents the red Tudor Rose, a symbol used by King Henry VII, who founded the Tudor dynasty; who was born in Pembroke Castle.

The green pentagon around the rose symbolises the green fields and cliff-tops of Pembrokeshire.