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Smiley Face Hand Flags

Smiley Face Hand Flags
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Smiley Face Hand Flags

For sale are our range of smiley face hand flags. We sell several designs that all have the smiley face on, the majority of our smiley face hand waving flags use the common yellow smiley  face but with a different background. One design includes the yellow smiley face on a country's hand flag, such as the Union Jack smiley face hand flag. Some of the smiley face hand flags that we sell use a simple plain background however there is a design that has peace, love and happiness written on it.

A lot of these designs can be used for many different events and occassions but are most commonly used by LGBT members to show their pride and supporters, the most common design for this purpose is the rainbow smiley face hand flag.

Buy your smiley face pride hand flags today from the UK's largest online flag shop, Midland Flags.