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Smiley Face Buntings

Smiley Face Buntings
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Smiley Face Buntings

There is a range of smiley face buntings that can be used for many different reasons. Some of the designs have a smiley face on a plain background so that they do not have any ties to a particular meaning so you can use them for any reason. A lot of smiley face buntings are used in schools because of their positive/happy image. The country smiley face bunting is ideal for people who want to show which country they're proud to be from or live in and the smiley face makes them more appealing to children. Another smiley face design that is popular is the LGBT smiley face bunting used to show others your pride and acceptance of LGBT people.

For sale are several smiley face buntings. Some of the smiley face bunting designs include a smiley face on a country's flag, such as the Union Jack smiley face bunting for people to show that they're patriotic and proud to be British. There are also some that have the same yellow smiley face on different plain coloured backgrounds, such as on yellow and black. Others use the rainbow design and the yellow smiley face. These rainbow smiley face buntings are used to show pride by LGBT people.

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