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DuraFlag® Range

DuraFlag® Range

DuraFlag Professional Flags

At Midland Flags we can supply any design in the high quality DuraFlag range. We can also produce custom designs, made to order. If you would like to contact us for a quote, please feel free to do so If you would like to browse the designs that we have available, please use the categories below. If you are looking for cheaper flags, we also stock many of the most popular designs in a standard polyester - Just use the search box at the top of our website to see if we sell a design.

DuraFlag® Range

Here we have for sale our huge range of premium quality flags, all made in the UK by hand. These high quality flags are made by DuraFlag from our large range of designs that we also sell on our cheaper flags. Although these DuraFlags are more expensive the quality of these flags is far superior to standard flags and the dear price is justifiable with how great quality the materials are that we use to make your made to order flag. The professional quality flags that we make here in the UK are made from a 110 GSM MOD approved knitted polyester material with a dye printed technique for applying your high quality design to give you the perfect flag, for flying; at home, at work, for an organisation or for a special occassion or celebrational event. Due to using a dye printing method we offer colour fast so that you don't have to worry about the colour from your flag running. Our DuraFlag knitted polyester materials are far more professional and stronger than the old fashioned cotton material that is well known for fraying with prolonged use outdoors.

All of these premium quality and custom made DuraFlag flags are made to order and are produced here in the UK. Every premium flag that we produce is made by hand and all sides are full sewn with a double stitch as well as reinforcing in the hanging/fly end to give you the best quality flag for a more than reasonable price. Being well experienced flag makers there are many options to choose from when selecting your high quality flag. You can choose to quickly buy a design that we also sell on other products in the premium quality flag category above however if there is anything that you want added or removed from the design than our professional design team can do this for you, whether you're adding text or changing the; logo, crest, insignia or device.

Besides these small changes to pre-existing designs we can also make any design if you would like to buy a custom DuraFlag flag. Send us an email with a sketch or image that you would like a custom flag for and receive a quote from our design staff, that can make the dream flag for you. Our premium quality custom flags are available in several sizes, such as; 18"x12" (45cmx30cm), 3ftx2ft (90 x 60cm), 5x3' (150cmx90cm) or 6x3ft (180cmx90cm) ( 2 yards x 1 yard) so no matter how big or small a custom flag you need we can offer a solution for you. With small flags for use on boats and larger flags for flying outdoors or hanging indoors. The custom flags that we can offer are great for many types of occassions and events, a lot of people want a custom flag for celebrational events such as; retirements, birthdays, marriages and more. With buying a custom flag you can have the exact design that you want with any text on so you can add any dates or names. Businesses can also have a DuraFlag custom flag so they can advertise their business with their logo and name as well as whatever else they may want on their design. Another great service we offer is our custom courtesy boat flags, we have for sale several existing designs that we make to order but you can also have an unique design made and printed onto your custom courtesy yacht flag. Fly your custom courtesy boat flag from your vessel to show which country's water you're sailing in, as a foreigner. All these custom DuraFlags are made in Britain in the same way as our other premium quality flags and have the same great quality with several fitting options as well as size options. You can have metal eyelets on your professional quality flag as well as D rings and the old fashioned rope and toggle method commonly used on boats.

Buy your premium quality or custom made to order DuraFlags today, from the UK's largest flag shop Midland Flags.