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Multi Buy Discounts Available On All Items

Multi Buy Discounts Available On All Items

What is a multi-buy discount?

A multi-buy discount allows you to save money when you mix and match multiple designs of the same product type.

For instance when buy any flag products no matter the sizing; 5ft x 3ft, 3ft x 2ft, 8ft x 5ft. You will be eligible for the Flags multi-buy discount.


How will I know if my discount has been applied?

When adding items to your basket, you cart in the top left of the screen will be adding up the total for you, simply hover over the cart icon and a small dropdown will appear. Here you can see all your products and sizes along with any multi-buy saving you have currently active. Then at the checkout page, we will ask you to confirm you order and also show you any and all savings here aswell, just too reasure you.

How do I find the multi-buy offers?

If a product is available for a multi-buy discount you will find the all of the offers and savings on the product page itself.

The price range goes from; 10 or more products, 25 or more products to 50 or more products. To find out more about any offers anything larger, we will happily provide quotes for people looking to order large quantities on any of our product ranges. To obtain a quote simply contact us via one of the methods below and list all the products you're looking to buy:




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Multi Buy Discounts Available On All Items