Euro 2020 Hand Flags

Euro 2020 Hand Flags

Euro 2020 Hand Flag Packs

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Euro 2020 6"x4" 24 Nations Hand Waver Flag Pack

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Euro 2020 9"x6" 24 Nations Hand Waver Flag Pack

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Euro 2020 Group Stage Handwavers Packs

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Euro 2020 Hand Flags


The Euro 2020 Championship starts this summer on the 11th June 2021. 24 teams from around the world including England, The Netherlands, Hungary, Switzerland and more will compete to win the Euro Championship with the final football match being held at Wembley Stadium.

Here at Midland Flags we have everything you need to decorate your venue or pub to celebrate the popular Euro 2020 football event. Show your support for your team with our range of hand wavers perfect to use at home or in pub. We have a range of different sizes on sale from our popular Euro 2020 6"x4" 24 Nations Hand Waver Flag Pack, and our  9"x6" 24 Nations Hand Waver Flag Pack or if you are looking to buy for individual teams, you can create your own pack using the table above.

Each of our Euro 2020 Hand Waver sets includes one woven polyester flag for each of the 24 nations and the pole. Some come with plastic poles and some come with wooden poles. All of our Euro 2020 hand wavers are screen printed via pigment printing, giving them a vibrant, colourful display. They will look great in any venue or pub during the Euro Championship.

Euro 2020 hand waving flags are a great way to show your support for the team you support, eventhough it's a year later than planned, it has built up even more excitment and what could be a btter idea than stocking up on your teams flags and bunting from the flag and bunting supplier, Midland-Flags. We have individual euro 2020 team hand flags for those only wanting to support their team and we also have hand flag packs which include all 24 teams for supporting them all. Another pack that we offer is group stage packs meaning you can buy hand flags for one specific group. No matter where you are watching the Euro 2020 football matches, these hand flags can be waved anywhere whether in joy or anger if your team isn't winning!

We are also offer now offering flag packs for the group stages of Euro 2020 tournament. Each pack includes 4 flags, one for each football team of the group you choose these are available in a Euro 2020 Group Stage 6"x4" Hand Waver Flag Pack and a Group Stage 9"x6" Hand Waver Flag Pack.

If you need any advice on which Euro 2020 flags will be the best solution for your decoration needs, please feel free to call us on +44(0)1782337030 or email .