Cricket World Cup 2019 Flags and Bunting

Cricket World Cup 2019 Flags and Bunting

Welcome to Midland Flags and our selection of Cricket World Cup Flags, Bunting and more.

At Midland flags, we sell flags for all the teams in the cricket world cup and we have made packs that have all the groups together in them. You can buy the Cricket World Cup bunting that will have all 10 nations on them. All our bunting is done to a high quality with 100% woven polyester. If you want to decorate your pub, hotel or venue with our flag packs we offer a 3ft x 2ft pack 90cm x 60cm to help liven up your venue more. If those flags are not big enough we have got a 5ft x 3ft option 150cm x 90cm these will cover up a lot of space or you could have them flying outside. If you want to make your tables stand out more we also have got table flags that you can put on your tables with our table flag pack. We have got these with a Plastic, Wooden or Chrome base and chrome has got a satin flag if you want that shine, 

Cricket World Cup 2019 starts 30/05/2019 and is hosted by England and Wales. We keep a high stock of all these flags and offer next day delivery in the UK.

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Afganistan Bangladesh India Pakistan Sri Lanka
Australia England New Zealand South Africa West Indies


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Cricket World Cup 2019 Flags and Bunting


Cricket World Cup starts on Thursday 30th of May 2019. At Midland Flags you can buy Cricket World Cup Flags, Cricket World Cup bunting, Cricket World Cup Table Flags and Cricket World Cup Hand Flag. We have all 10 Nations in high stock, decorate your pub with these flags.