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Signal Code Bunting

Signal Code Bunting
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Signal Code Bunting

For sale are two sizes of our nautical bunting. This nautical bunting comes in two lengths, the normal size is 12.5 metres long with 40 flags sewn onto the line, the giant size is 25 metres long with 40 large flags as well. Many people buy maritime bunting to decorate their boats, docks, ports, homes and gardens as well as their boats or seaside shops to give a nautical feel. Great bunting to buy to be used to decorate a room for an ocean theme. The nautical bunting comes with 40 flags including the 26 designs used as the alphabet in signal code, used internationally by people on ships and at sea to communicate.

Most people who buy these nautical buntings are interested in boats and the sea or are a hobbyist involved in sailing and other jobs at sea, some people use these buntings to decorate their shop or home to look more nautical. Some people are or were marines so they will buy this naval bunting to show their pride and history.

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